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Ende Tymes: A Festival of Noise Coming to NYC

Tue, 26 Apr 2011 12:17:49

For three days in June, ear-piercing sound artists from around the country will descend upon Brooklyn and Queens for the inaugural outing of the Ende Tymes Festival of Noise and Experimental Liberation. Taking place June 24th through June 26th at The Silent Barn and Outpost, Ende Tymes aims to celebrate DIY sound and video art through performances, workshops and screenings. Boasting a line-up of performers that ranges from groundbreaking to emerging, Ende Tymes promises to be one of the more notable events happening in NYC this summer.


Here is the confirmed list of performers for Ende Tymes:

Phill Niblock (NYC)
GX Jupitter-Larsen / The Haters (CA)
Gen Ken Montgomery (NYC)
Damion Romero (CA)
The Rat Bastard Experience (FL)
Vertonen (IL)
MV Carbon (NYC)
Mike Shiflet (OH)
Bruce Tovsky (NYC)
David Linton (NYC)
Al Margolis (NYC)
Crank Sturgeon (ME)
IDM Theftable (ME)
C. Spencer Yeh (NYC)
Bran(…)Pos (CA)
Sick Llama (MI)
Work/Death (RI)
Andrew Coltrane (MI)
Dog Lady (MI)
Novasak (CO)
Fatale (IL)
Monsturo (CA)
Page27 (CO)
Postcommodity (OK/NM)
BWT / ex-Is (IL)
Brown (OR)
Jeff Carey (MD)
Liam Mooney (CA)
Don Haugen (OR)
Yellow Tears (NYC)
Twisty Cat (NYC)
Hex Breaker Quartet (NYC)
Kyle Clyde (NYC)
Cowards (NYC)
ISA Christ (NYC)
Rust Worship (NYC)

The event's organizers have set up a Kickstarter to help fund travel costs for the artists and equipment rental. So go out and purchase a box of earplugs and throw whatever extra cash you have laying around at these guys because everybody knows people don't get into noise for the money.

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